Day 54 – 10-Month-Old Still in Captivity

On the first day of the extended ceasefire yesterday, Hamas released 10 additional Israeli hostages, 9 women and one 17-year-old girl. Hamas has notably not yet released the youngest hostage taken on October 7th, who is only 10 months old. His 4-year-old brother and their parents are also still held hostage.

Family members of the hostages released until now are beginning to speak with reporters about their loved ones’ experiences in captivity. A 12-year-old boy was held underground in solitary confinement for more than two weeks and forced to watch graphic footage of the massacre. A 9-year-old girl will now speak only in a whisper after nearly two months of forced quiet. All of the returned hostages report starvation and being threatened by armed terrorists and some of them were also beaten.

By God’s grace, the physical condition of the injured and sick hostages has improved.

Meanwhile, Jewish organization are suing University of California Berkeley for years of alleged overlooked anti-Semitism which has exploded since October 7th. UC Berkeley is one of many universities currently facing allegations of anti-Semitism.

Please continue to pray for the physical and mental rehabilitation of the released hostages, and for the immediate release of those still in captivity. Please continue to pray for safety for Israeli soldiers and civilians. Lastly, please continue to pray against anti-Semitism throughout the world.

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