Day 52 – Released Hostage Fighting for Her Life

14 Israeli hostages and 3 Thai hostages were released last night (Sunday) including one elderly woman who was airlifted immediately to an Israeli hospital in Beer Sheva for emergency treatment. Hospital representatives said that her condition was critical and the result of extended poor medical care during her 51-day captivity in Gaza.

40 Israeli hostages have now been released by Hamas as well as 17 foreign hostages. 11 more hostages are scheduled to be released today but negotiations are underway to change the current list of hostages to be released due to the fact that the children on the list are set to be released without their mothers. Today is scheduled to be the last day of the original deal; if Hamas doesn’t come forward with more hostages to release then the war will resume tomorrow.

Tensions remain high in northern Israel, Eilat, and Judea and Samaria, but no threats have entered Israeli territory in the last day.

Over the weekend the Houthis boarded an additional cargo ship, whose shipping company is also owned by an Israeli tycoon. When a US destroyer came to rescue the cargo ship, the Houthis fired multiple missiles towards the destroyer.

On a positive note, Londoners came together this week for the largest protest against anti-Semitism since 1936, according to local police. The protest’s attendees included former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and England’s Chief Rabbi.

Please pray for healing especially for the released hostage who is fighting for her life, but also for healing for the other released hostages and their families. Please pray for continued protection over hostages remaining in Gaza, as well as over Israeli civilians and soldiers. Lastly, please pray for a de-escalation of the Houthis’ aggression.

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