Day 51 – 40 Israeli Hostages Returned to Israel

Over three days of ceasefire, Hamas has released a total of forty Israeli hostages and an additional 17 internationals. Although now home, many of them were kidnapped after witnessing the murders of their friends and family. They will have a long road ahead to recovery and integration. 14 Israelis were released today and 13 each Friday and Saturday. One of the hostages released today was reported to be in “serious” medical condition and was airlifted directly to the hospital.

During the release of the hostages yesterday, Hamas continued to play mind games with the Israeli public by delaying the hostages’ release, separating families, and pretending to help and care for the people they brutally kidnapped a few short weeks ago.

In Judea and Samaria, two Palestinian men were brutally murdered in a Hamas-instigated lynch after suspicions arose that they had passed information to Israeli forces leading to the elimination of two senior Hamas operatives. Over the weekend Israeli forces apprehended or eliminated the terrorists who killed a father and son in Huwara several months ago.

In Eilat, Israeli aerial defenses downed a UAV approaching Israeli territory yesterday while on the northern front, a Lebanese UAV over Haifa was shot down over Shabbat.

On the international front, following the release of an Israeli-Irish child yesterday, the Irish Prime Minister said that the child had been “lost,” shockingly without mentioning Hamas or that the child had been kidnapped. There has already been significant blowback to this statement.

Please pray for the release of ALL the hostages and the physical and emotional recovery of the ones already home. Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli civilians and soldiers. Lastly, please continue to pray for international support for Israel.

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