Day 263 – Video Released of Capture of 3 Hostages

On Monday, the families of three hostages – Hirsh Goldberg-Polin, Or Levy, and Eliya Cohen – agreed to release an edited 2-minute video clip showing the violent abduction of the three young men by Hamas on October 7th. The graphic and disturbing video was comprised of images taken by the terrorists during their massacre, which resulted in the murder of 1,500 Israelis.

Sigi Cohen, whose son Eliya is seen on the clip, said the families wanted the world to witness the cruelty of the Hamas terrorists and bring awareness to what the hostages have endured for almost 9 months now. He wanted people to see “how inhuman they are. At first, my son was in the shelter, naively waiting to be rescued when a grenade was thrown in. You can see the glee of the terrorists as they lead them away. Eliya is so terrified and cannot understand what is happening around him,” she said. She also expressed anger at having to make these images public. “It is an invasion of their privacy but we feel we must constantly explain and show why the hostages must be returned home,” she said.

Please continue to pray for the immediate release of all remaining hostages! Please also pray for their mental, emotional, and physical health while they are in captivity. Lastly, please pray for their families & friends who live every day not knowing the status of their loved ones.

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