Day 257 – Hezbollah Resumes Attacks in Northern Israel

Hezbollah has resumed attacks in northern Israel after a brief calm. On Tuesday, the Iron Dome intercepted three Hezbollah UAVs over western Galilee, just hours after Hezbollah claimed an attack on an Israeli target. Residents in Shlomi reported multiple impact sites. In Metula, firefighting teams extinguished a fire ignited by mortar fire from Lebanon.

Hezbollah also released a video from a UAV over Haifa, showing sensitive sites, including military facilities and infrastructure. The IDF identified the UAV as unarmed and chose not to shoot it down to avoid panic and debris, classifying it as a surveillance UAV.


Please continue to pray for the protection of the residents of the north.

Please pray for the political leadership, that they may reach decisions that will bring an end to this impossible shooting in the north of the country.

Please pray for the evacuated residents of the north who have not been in their homes for over eight months.







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