Day 256 – Amit Susanna, a former Hamas captive, shared her experiences of the militants’ sexual violence.

During an event focused on the issue of sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas militants, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the audience, which included former hostage Amit Susanna. Harris emphasized that “on October 7, Hamas committed appalling acts of sexual violence. I witnessed images of Israeli women bleeding, and it was later discovered that some bodies were found naked and bound after being raped. As more hostages are freed, additional testimonies will emerge. We must confront the brutal reality of these crimes.”

Amit Susanna, a former Hamas captive told of the sexual harassment she had undergone, and that she felt that she had been taken from her control of her body. Amit added that no one is supposed to go through the harassment she has suffered, and she is now telling us about it so that we understand what is going on with the abductees who are still being held captive by Hamas.

Please pray for Amit Susanna for a full recovery and healing from the severe trauma she has endured.

Please pray for the hostages who are still in Hamas captivity for their swift release.







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