Day 255 – IDF Warns of Potential Wider Escalation as Hezbollah Intensifies Attacks on Israel

IDF warns Hezbollah has escalated attacks on Israel since October 7, firing over 5,000 rockets, missiles, and drones from Lebanon at Israeli civilians. This hostility threatens broader regional conflict. Israel vows decisive action to prevent another atrocity like October 7 and secure the northern border, as Lebanon has failed to enforce UN resolutions. Protecting citizens and ensuring their safe return home in the north is non-negotiable. Israel will combat Iran’s proxies in Gaza and Lebanon at any cost to secure the region’s future.

Due to the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, Hezbollah has stopped launching rockets, creating a tense calm in the north. A special envoy of President Biden is visiting Israel to discuss diplomatic measures to prevent war in Lebanon. The US is advocating for a diplomatic solution, but the military option remains on the table.


Please pray for the situation in the north and that the political and military leadership will make the best decisions to prevent the Hezbollah terrorist organization from acting against Israeli citizens.

Please pray for the evacuated residents of the north, especially for those who have lost their homes in the Hezbollah shelling.

Please pray for supernatural protection for the residents of the north who remain in their homes.







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