Day 251- Hezbollah’s Massive Rocket Attack Targets the North of Israel

Hezbollah launched a massive rocket attack from southern Lebanon, firing hundreds of rockets at Galilee settlements. The attack, described as one of the most severe since the fighting began, caused significant damage to civilian infrastructure and sparked fires in extensive areas. Around 200 rockets targeted the Merom HaGalil, Western Galilee, and Valleys regions, with some directly hitting populated settlements. Thank God there were no casualties from the last barrage.
The head of the Merom HaGalil Regional Council stated that “the festive feeling was replaced by fear and anxiety.”


Please pray for the protection of the northern settlements.

Please pray for the quick restoration of all the forests that were burned.

Please pray for the security forces in the north for their protection and for wisdom for the government of Israel on how to act to stop the shooting at the northern settlements.








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