Day 243- Jerusalem Day 2024

Jerusalem Day is a significant national holiday that commemorates the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty after the Six-Day War. This year, Jerusalem Day is observed amidst ongoing warfare in Gaza and the north and heightened security due to fears of violence.
Additionally, there is heightened security due to concerns about potential violent incidents. As with every year, the traditional Flag Parade takes place this afternoon. Thousands of people will march with Israeli flags, singing and dancing, accompanied by thousands of police officers. The march begins in the city center and continues towards the Old City of Jerusalem.

Tension is expected at Damascus Gate, where marchers pass through to the Western Wall. A small extremist group wants to ascend the Temple Mount, which police will try to prevent. On Jerusalem Day, we celebrate God’s faithfulness to His people, Israel, fulfilling His promises and remaining faithful to His covenant.


Please pray for the protection of the marchers in the parade, that there will be no violent incidents, and that it will pass peacefully.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the city’s residents, both Jews and Arabs, will live with a sense of security in the city.

Please pray for the complete protection of the security forces.









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