Day 237 – The IDF regained control of the Philadelphi Route

The IDF regained control of the Philadelphi Route, a strip along the Egypt-Gaza border.

The IDF conducted a military operation in Rafah, successfully regaining control of the strategically important Philadelphi Route from Hamas. During the operation, Israeli forces discovered and exposed an extensive network of tunnels and shafts used by the terrorist organization. They also found and destroyed numerous rocket launchers that were prepped and ready for use. In the course of the operation, the IDF neutralized dozens of Hamas militants encountered in the area.

Israel’s recapture of the Philadelphi Route and Rafah crossing is seen as a significant development that could provide leverage in ongoing efforts to secure the release of Israeli abducted held by Hamas. As part of the operation in the Rafah region, the IDF demolished tunnel infrastructure spanning 1.5 kilometers. Within these tunnels, Israeli forces uncovered caches containing dozens of anti-tank missiles and other weapons.


Please pray for the protection of IDF soldiers.

Please pray that the decision-makers and security forces will receive additional wisdom and expose all of Hamas’ combat equipment and tunnels.

Please pray for the success of the IDF’s mission and the success of the negotiating team in the swift return of the abductees.










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