Day 240 – Hamas organization released a recording of Noa Argamani, who has been held captive for 240 days.

The Hamas organization released a recording over the weekend of Noa Argamani, who has been held captive for 240 days. In the recording, Noa is heard saying: “Hello, I am a prisoner in Hamas captivity. I have been held for more than 237 days and do not know how long I will remain. I appeal to the people of Israel – save us. You support the Netanyahu-Gallant and Gantz government; you will leave us here and seal our fate and the fate of my friends like Ron Arad?” she said in the video. “Go out into the streets, go out and protest, men and women. Block the streets in Tel Aviv and do not return home until we return. Please, do not let Netanyahu and the government kill us. Save us. Time is running out, and people must decide. We do not want to die here.”
There is a high probability that her words were dictated to her.

Noa is one of the hostages whose face is very well known around the world because the moment of her abduction was captured by the cameras of the brutal terrorists and broadcast to the world. Her mother is suffering from a terminal illness, making every passing day critical for both of them.


Please pray for the release of Noa Argaman and all the other captives held by Hamas for 240 days now.

Please pray for Noa Argaman’s mother, who is suffering from brain cancer, that she will be healed from the cancer and will merit to see Noa return home to her.

Please pray for wisdom for the political and military echelons of the State of Israel so that they will quickly find a solution to release all the captives.









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