Day 236 – Hamas Shooting on Israel from Judea and Samaria territories

Residents of Beit Hefer woke up to the sound of gunfire from the Judea and Samaria territories near Tulkarm this morning. No one was hurt, and the IDF is searching for the shooters. A video was released showing Hamas terrorists approaching the fence and opening fire.
People who wish to live quietly within their borders experience fear and terror; how can you live with shooting into communities in broad daylight?
Galit Shaul, head of the Emek Hefer Regional Council, has called on Israel’s Defense Minister to take swift action to defuse the volatile security situation. Local citizens have expressed alarm over repeated incursions by Palestinians into the area and worry that the tensions could boil over into more serious conflict if left unaddressed.

Please pray for the protection of the residents of the north and the residents of the Sharon settlements adjacent to the territories of Judea and Samaria.

Please pray for the IDF and security forces – that they will be vigilant and focused and that they will succeed in defending the settlements near the border.

Please pray for the children living in the settlements near the border that they will have a sense of security and not live in anxiety and fear.










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