Day 229 – The headquarters of the families of the abducted soldiers will release the video documentation of the kidnapping

The families of the five kidnapped female IDF soldiers held by Hamas for 229 days announced they would release footage of the abduction captured by the terrorists.

The edited 3:10-minute video shows the violence, humiliation, fear, and terror experienced by the abducted women. In one segment, a terrorist tells the brutally bound and bleeding soldiers, “You are so beautiful.”

The families urged the government to bring everyone home, emphasizing there is no greater mission than returning the living for rehabilitation and the murdered for burial.

Please pray for the young women who have been enduring daily humiliation and cruel abuse for 229 days.

Please pray for the families suffering unbearable anguish as they await the return of their loved ones.

Please pray that the video will influence decision-makers and expedite the return home of all the abductees.










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