Day 227 – The demonstrations of the abducted families and civilians against the government

In recent days, many citizens have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s policies and in favor of returning the abductees at any cost. The protesters tried to block the main highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this morning, and last weekend, protesters blocked the road with burning barrels and torches. The protesters are confronting the police officers who arrived at the scene. The demonstrations are shifting from legitimate protests to violent demonstrations. The pain of the families and their relatives, as well as the vast public in the country, is immense, and the protesters are seeking to break the government’s indifference, obtuseness, and abandonment.
While many parts of the public support the demonstrations and the change of government, Many believe that the continuation of the fighting is essential, especially the families who have lost their sons during the war.

Please pray for the families of the abductees who do not know anything about their loved ones.

Please pray that the demonstrations do not escalate from legitimate protests into violent demonstrations.

Please pray for the members of the government to have more sensitivity towards the families of the abductees, for wisdom, and for healthy and proper conduct in the face of the problematic situation in which we have already been for over seven months.










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