Day 223 – Tragic Fire Our Forces Incident in Gaza – Raid Claims Lives of Five IDF Soldiers

A platoon commander and four soldiers from a paratrooper battalion were killed last night in a Fire Our Forces incident involving tanks during the IDF’s raid on Jabaliya. This morning, the IDF spokesperson allowed the release of their names: First Lieutenant Roi Beit Yaakov, 22, Sergeant First Class Gilad Arye Baum, 22, Sergeant Daniel Hamo, 20, Sergeant Ilan Cohen, 20, and Sergeant First Class Betzalel David Shashoa, 21. Eight more soldiers were injured in the incident, including three whose condition is defined as severe.

According to a preliminary investigation, the tank force suspected that the structure contained terrorists and fired two shells at it. However, the military still does not know the reason for the shooting and the apparent deviation from the sector’s boundaries, as the armored force that erred organically belongs to the combat team of the same battalion, so it is unclear how such a fatal mistake occurred.

Please pray for the families of the fallen soldiers, that they may find comfort.

Please pray that a similar event will not occur again.

Please pray for the protection of all our soldiers in the Gaza Strip, for protection, wisdom, and renewed strength.









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