Day 163 – Gazans Shot While Awaiting Aid

On Thursday, 31 trucks bearing food and supplies entered northern Gaza where crowds of hungry civilians waited. Armed Palestinians – whose affiliation is unclear – opened fire on these people and continued to shoot at them after the trucks arrived. Other civilians were killed by the trucks or in the crush. An IDF probe found that Israeli soldiers did not fire on civilians waiting to receive aid, despite recurring accusations that this is what happened. 313,000 tons of food, water and medical supplies have entered Gaza since the beginning of the war.

An imam at a Hebron mosque was arrested after he opened fire on a Jewish community from an old Muslim cemetery. It was afterwards confirmed that the individual was a Hamas operative. No casualties were reported.

Following Hamas criticism of the Palestinian prime minister-designate, the Palestinian Authority responded with unusually harsh criticism of Hamas for causing the current war with its October 7th attack, for remaining disconnected from the needs of its people, and for living in fancy hotels reliant on Iranian funds and support.

German chancellor Olaf Schultz landed in Israel today to meet with PM Netanyahu, President Herzog, and the families of hostages, among others. Schultz has been a consistent supporter of Israel since October 7th.

Please pray for Gazan civilians to receive the aid they need and for the world to recognize that Israel is allowing aid into Gaza. Please pray for continued international support for Israel. Lastly, please pray for continued and increasing deterrence against terror attacks in Judea and Samaria.

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