Day 160 – Growing International Pressure on Israel

The US government has signaled that it is willing to support an IDF operation in Rafiah, a move which Israel has been stalling for weeks due to US opposition. Specifically, the Biden Admin would back an operation that focused only on high-stakes Hamas targets, including senior operatives believed to be hiding in Rafiah. However, the report, which comes from high-ranking WH officials, came with a warning: should Israel stage a larger operation in Rafiah, a diplomatic crisis between the two nations could result.

France has published unprecedented requirements singling out Israeli defense companies who were planning yearly exhibits at French weapons exhibitions. The requirements, which allow France to block the presentation of Israeli arms, are “humiliating” according to one Israeli defense official.

In a stabbing attack near the entrance to Jerusalem yesterday morning, a man and woman were lightly to moderately injured. An additional stabbing attack occurred Thursday afternoon in southern Israel, critically injuring one. The injured individual, a man in his fifties, was evacuated for medical care. Both terrorists were neutralized.

Romania’s lower chamber approved a bill to recognize May 15 as a national day of celebration of Israel’s independence. The motion passed nearly unanimously but still needs approval from the upper house before becoming law.

Around 300 pro-Palestinian protesters blocked parts of San Francisco’s international terminal, including the entrance to the airport, and marched around the building holding signs calling to end military aid to Israel and for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Please pray for healing for those injured in the terror attack. Please pray for increasing international support of Israel’s military operations against Hamas and Hizballah. Lastly, please pray for growing grassroots support for Israel.

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