Day 158 – Heavy Rocket Barrage on Northern Israel

This morning Israel took one of the heaviest Hizballah rocket barrages to date, with over 100 launches identified in around an hour, between 7:15am and 8:15am. The massive strike comes as part of a mutual escalation in recent days beginning with a UAV sent into Israel by Hizballah to which Israel responded with air strikes on Hizballah targets deep inside Lebanon.

Hostage families and Israel’s Foreign Minister attended a special UN Security Council discussion on Hamas’ horrific sexual violence. Afterward, an Israeli Arab family member of two Israeli Muslim hostages called out the Palestinian Authority for its lack of action to help Muslim hostages. Many of the other hostages’ families also expressed disappointment in the results of the meeting, which did not result in any conclusive condemnation of the terror organization.

Last night, the first night of Ramadan, a joint IDF and Shin Bet force apprehended a resident of Jenin on his way to commit a suicide terror attack in Israel.

After an orphanage in Gaza ceased operations due to the fighting, the IDF, in tandem with Germany, the original orphanage’s sponsor, arranged to transfer around 60 children, aged 3 to 15, to a new home in Bethlehem.

Please pray for recognition of Hamas as a terror organization. Please pray for an immediate – even supernatural – de-escalation on Israel’s northern border. Lastly, please pray for a peaceful Ramadan.

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