Day 157 – IDF Launches Operation “Steady Anchor”

Israel’s Home Front Command has launched “Operation Steady Anchor” and is currently preparing northern Israel for the worst-case scenario of an all-out war with Hizballah.

Since many Israelis only have access to a public bomb shelter, which is sometimes too far from their homes to reach in the minute or so after the siren goes off, Israel is equipping underground parking lots with makeshift shelters, camp beds and rations for tens of thousands of people who don’t have private shelters.

As Hizballah’s rocket attacks continue, Israel has reportedly delivered an ultimatum to Hizballah and to mediators between the two parties setting a date for the escalation of tensions should a ceasefire not be reached.

The UN Security Council finally agreed to hold a meeting on the findings of the UN report on Hamas’ sexual violence on October 7th and against hostages in captivity. Israel is seeking to have Hamas recognized by the UN as a terrorist organization.

Israel’s President Herzog was met yesterday by crowds of pro-Palestinian protesters as he landed in the Netherlands for the inauguration of a new Holocaust museum. Many of the protesters held signs comparing the Holocaust to Israel’s current war against Hamas in Gaza. Turkey’s Erdogan also called Israel “today’s Nazis” in a speech Saturday.

Sadly, the IDF released the names of two soldiers who fell in combat. May their memories be a blessing.

Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen soldiers. Please pray for UN recognition of Hamas as a terror organization. Lastly, please pray for an immediate de-escalation on Israel’s northern front.

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