Day 153 – Rising Anti-Semitism Amid Reports of Reduced Military Support for Israel

A serious report has surfaced that the Biden Administration is considering forbidding the use of American arms in an Israeli Rafiah offensive. If this report is accurate, it shows the extent of the concerning disagreement between Israeli and American leaders on expanded military action in southern Gaza.

In Montreal, Canada, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters held four IDF veterans hostage for hours inside a building prior to a speaking event, while shouting to return “to Auschwitz” and issuing death threats. In Moscow, an ISIS terror attack against a synagogue was foiled by Russian security forces.

South Africa is now claiming at the International Court of Justice that Israel has not complied with the court’s prior instructions, issued in the wake of a South African lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. Israel’s Foreign Ministry called on the ICJ to reject South Africa’s inaccurate accusations off-hand.

In an additional terror attack last night, an older Jewish man was stabbed by a 14-year-old terrorist who was afterwards taken into custody. The victim was evacuated for medical treatment and his condition is stable.

Israel released for publication the name of Staff Sergeant David Sasson, who tragically fell in combat in the southern Gaza Strip. May his memory be a blessing and his family find comfort in their grief!

Please pray for continued international support of Israel’s right to self-defense. Please pray for determined action against anti-Semitism. Lastly, please pray for healing for the man injured in the most recent terror attack.

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