Day 151 – UN Releases Report on Hamas Sexual Abuse

After visiting Israel at the beginning of last month, the UN Envoy on Sexual Violence in Conflict, confirmed the veracity of the significant evidence to which she was exposed, including that of rape, gang rape, genital mutilation and more during the massacre, often preceding the victim’s murder. She also confirmed the presence of “credible” evidence for the ongoing sexual abuse of hostages in Gaza.

Patten’s report is a huge step towards international recognition of Hamas’ ongoing crimes. While recognizing this fact, Israeli leaders are also upset by the report’s inclusion of Palestinian claims that IDF soldiers abused Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons and holding centers.

The Israeli government sees these claims as an attempt to “balance” the incrimination of Hamas with parallel crimes perpetrated by Israel, a classic example of moral equivalence which deflects the seriousness of the allegations against Hamas.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has recalled the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, for consultations (the first time Israel made this move since 2016). The decision is largely in response to the UN Secretary General’s notable apathy towards the situation, even following Patten’s report.

Meanwhile, an Israeli residential building in Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel was directly hit during a Hizballah rocket barrage this afternoon and a young man was moderately injured in a stabbing attack in Judea and Samaria. He is receiving medical care and the terrorist was eliminated.

Please pray for adequate international recognition of Hamas’ sexual crimes. Please pray for deterrence against Hizballah. Lastly, please pray for healing for the injured man and for de-escalation in Judea and Samaria.

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