Day 143 – Israel to Bring Humanitarian Aid Directly to Gazans

Israel is poised to open a new pilot program under which humanitarian aid will pass directly to Gazan residents in areas of northern Gaza. The initiative aims to undermine Hamas, which has previously stolen most of the humanitarian aid which enters the Strip. Israel will open a new crossing from Israel into Gaza and will transport the aid to specific areas in the Strip where locals who have been in contact with the Shin Bet will distribute the food, water and medicine to Gazan civilians.

Today, heavy rocket fire continued on northern Israel and one individual was slightly injured as a result of the strikes. Hizballah shot down an Israeli UAV. Shrapnel from a Hizballah missile that was intercepted by David’s Sling fell in an Israeli civilian community in the Jezreel Valley. As a result, Israel launched its most ambitious strike against Hizballah targets since October 7th, nearly 100km into Lebanese territory.

A Hamas official said that the terror organization and Israel have come to a basic agreement on the number of security prisoners released per hostage. The number stands between three and thirteen prisoners per hostage.

Brazilian ex-president Jair Bolsonaro arrived to an event in his support with an Israeli flag, also carried by numerous supporters. The Israeli flag is also a symbol of resistance to the current regime which has compared Israel’s war against Hamas to the Holocaust.

Please pray for safety for Israeli soldiers and civilians in northern Israel and for a de-escalation with Hizballah. Please pray for civilians to receive the humanitarian aid they should receive in Gaza. Please pray for the immediate release of all the hostages!

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