Day 137 – Is International Support for Israel Declining?

The US has submitted a draft resolution in the UN Security Council calling for a humanitarian ceasefire as soon as “practicable,” while publicly discouraging a Rafiah offensive.  The move occurs against the background of rumored conflict between US President Joe Biden and Israel’s PM as well as pressure from Biden’s political base to cease or scale down aid to Israel.

Additionally, an EU state, allegedly Hungary, blocked a European resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian pause in the fight against Hamas as well as the unconditional release of the hostages. The EU resolution was supported by 26 of 27 states.

Hizballah released an additional threat against Israel saying that “every inch” of the Jewish State could be targeted by the terror organization’s missiles. Hizballah is known to possess a massive arms stock including guided long-distance missiles.

Multiple Israelis have faced discrimination in recent weeks for holding Israeli citizenship. The speech of a champion female cyclist at a Canadian event was cancelled last week after organizers understood she had served in the IDF. Additionally, a veteran Eurovision judge was taken off the panel this year – for being Israeli. Finally, an Israeli swimmer was booed as she spoke after winning a silver medal in the World Championships.

The IDF sadly released the name of an additional soldier who succumbed to wounds sustained in combat in southern Gaza about a week ago. Staff Sergeant Maoz Morel z”l served in the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Unit and was a resident of Telmon, in Samaria. May his memory be a blessing.

Please pray for comfort for the family of Staff Sergeant Maoz Morel z”l. Please pray for favor for Israel in the Security Council. Lastly, please pray for de-escalation on Israel’s northern front.

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