Day 135 – Israel Finds Hostages’ Medicines in Gaza Hospital

Today, the IDF released information that troops operating in a hospital in the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis found medications marked to be delivered to the hostages. Following a supposed “breakthrough” weeks ago in which Hamas agreed to bring life-saving medicines to the hostages, their families have desperately awaited a signal that the medications reached their loved ones. Sadly, the find proves that the hostages did not in fact receive their much-needed medicines.

Following extensive Israeli airstrikes on southern Lebanon at the end of last week, the Lebanese group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened: Israel will pay “blood for blood.” He also claimed that the group had the military capacity to score missile hits as far as Eilat. The threat – his most direct and vicious to date – comes amid an escalation on Israel’s northern border.

This morning, the Israeli government unanimously approved a bill rejecting international attempts to found a Palestinian state. Government ministers from across the political spectrum said the move – apparently spearheaded by the Biden Admin – confirmed to Hamas that the mass murder of Israelis pays off.

Brazilian President Lula outrageously compared Israel’s military campaign against Hamas to Hitler’s Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered. Lula also said Israel was committing genocide in Gaza. Israel’s Foreign Minister has summoned the Brazilian ambassador to a conversation tomorrow, a move which diplomatically signifies extreme displeasure.

Please pray for the immediate release of the hostages. Please pray for de-escalation in northern Israel. Lastly, please pray for accountability for those accusing Israel of genocide.

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