Day 132 – Hizballah Escalates Violence in Northern Israel

A twenty-year-old soldier was sadly killed yesterday and at least eight others were injured, one seriously, in an unprecedented Hizballah attack on an IDF base in the northern Israeli city of Tzfat, prompting swift reprisal from Israel and a threat from the Chief of Staff that Israel was progressing towards battle readiness in the north. Hizballah’s attack targeted Tzfat, a city which has not yet been evacuated, as opposed to previous rocket barrages which mainly have targeted evacuated cities and villages on the border.

The Biden Admin has announced joint plans with several Arab states for a long-term peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, which would include a timeframe for a Palestinian state. Most of the government, as well as many Israelis, see the idea of presenting a peace plan during the war as a reward to Palestinian factions for committing the worst terror attack Israel has ever seen.

Families of the hostages yesterday flew to the Hague to present a lawsuit against the leaders of Hamas for their role in the massacre and kidnapping of hundreds of innocent civilians on October 7th. The families’ goal is to have international arrest warrants placed on Hamas’ leaders.

Please pray for comfort for the family of the fallen soldier. Please pray for deterrence against Hizballah. Lastly, please pray for favor for the hostages’ families in the lawsuit against Hamas in the Hague.

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