Day 124 – Hamas Releases Hostage Deal Counteroffer

Hamas’ proposed deal would occur in three stages, each lasting 45 days. During the first part, the IDF would withdraw from parts of Gaza and ceasefire talks would commence while Hamas released remaining women, teenagers and the sick and elderly. Men would be released in the second stage and the bodies being held hostage in the final stage.

According to this proposal, Hamas would get everything it wants to ensure its own survival while also making itself look like a legitimate “peace partner” by playing the negotiation game. Israel would receive no security guarantees and no way of ensuring the future safety of Israelis in the Gaza border area. Israel will not accept the deal in its current form.

Argentinian President Milei is currently visiting Israel and has confirmed his campaign promise to move the Argentinian embassy to Jerusalem. Milei also previously declared Hamas a terror organization under Argentinian law. During his visit, the President will meet with Israeli officials and also visit historical sites.

The families of Hamas’ October 7th victims marched to the Knesset in recognition of four months since the horrific massacre and the beginning of the war,

Additionally, protesters again blocked the Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel into Gaza, and a terror attack was foiled in Judea and Samaria.

Please pray for a legitimate deal to release all the hostages. Please pray for accountability for Hamas and its partners and patrons. Lastly, please pray for continued international support such as that from Argentina.

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