Day 122 – UN Envoy Horrified by Hamas Attack

The UN’s Envoy on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Parmila Pattan, will end an eight-day visit to Israel tomorrow. During her stay, she toured the sites where Hamas’ massacres took place, viewed the 47-minute “movie of horrors” and met with survivors, politicians and experts on sexual violence. Her team will stay for over a week to continue compiling data. In interviews at the end of her visit, Pattan described herself as being “unable to sleep” after witnessing the horrors of October 7th.

After weeks of fighting in the city of Khan Yunis, IDF forces yesterday evening announced their takeover of one of the terror organization’s biggest training bases in the Strip. The base included model homes and entrances to Israeli communities, and the IDF confirmed that Hamas fighters trained here prior to the October 7th attack.

Hizballah’s escalation in rocket fire on northern Israel, which began yesterday with 18 verified launches, continued today. Rocket fire was identified throughout the Galilee region and even on Nahariya, one of the largest Israeli cities in the northwest of the country.

After weeks of rumored conflict between US President Joe Biden and the Israeli Prime Minister, this week an unnamed Biden Admin insider confirmed the conflict. Both heads of state have denied the rumors. However, if true, the national relationship between Israel and the US can be greatly impacted by the personal relationship of these two veteran politicians.

Please pray for Parmila Pattan’s horror to translate into action from the UN to hold Hamas responsible for the horrific human rights abuses it committed. Please pray for continued protection over Israelis – soldiers and civilians – throughout the country and on the front. Lastly, please pray for a strong and strengthening relationship between the US and Israel.

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