Day 121 – Hamas’ Mind Games Continue

Hamas announced this afternoon that it would announce whether it accepted a proposed hostage deal this evening at 7pm, but ultimately crushed the hopes of a deal. The terror group reiterated its previous stance that it would only release hostages in exchange for guarantees of the war’s end and the IDF’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. For the families of the hostages, the delays are torture.

Hamas is slowly retaking areas in northern Gaza from which the IDF withdrew. Footage has been released by the IDF of Hamas fighters beating and abusing civilians who are waiting to receive humanitarian aid or attempting to reach the safe areas in south-western Gaza near Rafiah.  The IDF does continue to progress towards disabling Hamas assets in Khan Yunis, in southern Gaza.

Today Hizballah fired one of the heaviest barrages of rockets towards northern Israel in recent weeks, with at least 16 missiles identified by the IDF. The rockets target civilian homes, businesses, vehicles and infrastructure, a war crime under international law.

Shockingly, a Jewish student at a Berlin university was admitted to the hospital with facial fractures after being beaten by a Palestinian student. The two were in a discussion about the war between Israel and Hamas when the Palestinian student knocked the other down and kicked him in the face. The suspect was arrested.

Please pray for the immediate release of all the hostages! Please pray for the collapse of Hamas’ structure and for the IDF to successfully disable the terror group. Lastly, please pray for deterrence against Hizballah and safety for the residents of northern Israel.

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