Day 118 – UN Envoy on Sexual Violence Visits Israel

More details have been reported on negotiations for the release of the remaining hostages. According to several sources, civilian hostages would be released first (including civilian women, children, the elderly and the sick or injured), followed by female soldiers and lastly male soldiers and the bodies being held by Hamas. The above details have not been confirmed by Israeli authorities.

Additionally on the home front, the UN special envoy on sexual violence in conflict is currently in Israel and has met with women released from Hamas captivity as well as the families of the women remaining in Gaza. She heard their testimonies and promised to make every effort to ensure the release of the hostages still in captivity.

Iran is bringing high-ranking Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders who were stationed in Syria back to Iran, according to reports this morning. Although Iran did not release any statement on the unusual call, many suspect that it is in response to several high-profile assassinations of terrorist leaders, including IRGC leaders, in recent weeks which have been attributed to Israel.

A grenade was found outside the Israeli embassy in Sweden yesterday afternoon, which had apparently been lobbed over the embassy fence. The Israeli ambassador to Sweden thanked the local police for their swift action to isolate the grenade and restore safety on the embassy grounds. However, the incident is part of a concerning trend of attacks or attempted attacks on Israeli assets abroad recently.

Please pray for the immediate release of ALL the hostages: children, women and men. Please pray for healing for survivors of Hamas sexual violence. Lastly, please pray for growing deterrence against Iran and Iranian proxies in the region.


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