Day 117 – Israel Prevents Mass Terror Attack

Various rumors on a coming hostage deal have been circulated, with several sources citing a preliminary agreement under which remaining civilian hostages would be released, followed by soldiers and lastly the bodies being held by Hamas. This would be in exchange for a ceasefire of around six weeks. The above details have not been confirmed by Israeli authorities.

In an unusual exposure of elite operational tactics in Judea and Samaria, footage was released this morning of two elite units operating in disguise inside a hospital in the terror hub of Jenin. The surgical operation, in which three wanted terrorists were killed, occurred in the small hours of the morning and took only a few minutes. Israeli reports indicate that at least one of the three targets was in the process of planning a mass terror attack.

The US has indicated that it will likely launch a series of retaliatory strikes against the Iranian-sponsored Islamic militias whose attack killed three American servicemembers in Jordan. Iran itself also directly threatened the United States yesterday, saying that any attack on Iranian soil, or on Iranian assets abroad, would lead to direct confrontation between the two nations.

Meanwhile, Norway commented on its decision to maintain UNRWA funding, saying that it is important to maintain distinction between “individuals” and the agency’s purpose. As a reminder, unfortunately most of the humanitarian aid is seized by Hamas (aided by UNRWA) and never reaches civilians at all.

Please pray for God’s intervention for the immediate release of ALL the hostages. Please pray for deterrence against all Iranian proxies throughout the region, whether in Jenin or in Iraq. Lastly, please pray for continued accountability for UNRWA.

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