Day 115 – Rockets on Central Israel

Air raid sirens sounded this evening in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area for the first time since December 21. Hamas fired 11 rockets towards central Israel this evening, 7 of which were shot down by the Iron Dome. The rest fell in open areas. Hamas said the barrage was in response to Israeli “massacres” in Gaza.

A ramming terror attack occurred this morning in Haifa, badly injuring a 20-year-old man just outside an Israeli navy base. The terrorist ran over the man before out of the car with an axe. He was neutralized by forces in the area.

More details have emerged this morning on the specific crimes against humanity committed by UNRWA employees on October 7th, including kidnapping a woman and the body of a soldier, holding at least one hostage in a private home and supplying ammunition to Hamas terrorists.

Two Israeli soldiers were slightly injured early this morning by a Hizballah strike on a base in northern Israel. Hizballah claims to have used “Burkan” missiles in the attack, a weapon developed during the Syrian civil war with Iranian support and capable of packing around 500kg of explosives in its warhead.

Islamic militias in Syria launched a deadly attack against American forces on a base in northern Jordan last night, tragically killing three servicemembers and injuring at least 34 more. The attack is part of a wider campaign inspired by Iran, not just against Israel but against the Western values which Israel and its allies stand for. May the memories of the fallen be a blessing.

Please pray for healing for the injured individuals from the terror attack in Haifa and from Hizballah’s attack this morning. Please pray for accountability for UNRWA. Lastly, please pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians throughout the nation.

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