Day 114 – UNRWA Admits Hamas Complicity

UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugee affairs, released a bombshell report over the weekend admitting the complicity – and even direct involvement – of several employees in the October 7th massacre. Of the 12 individuals implicated, 9 have been fired and one killed. UNRWA’s chief announced the launch of an investigation into the case.

Australia, Great Britain, Germany, the US and Finland have withdrawn or are withdrawing funding from UNRWA, along with several other major donors. Shockingly, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres this morning called on the states who ceased funding to renew their donations!

Hamas released another psychological missile towards the Israeli public this week: a video of three captive women talking about being held hostage for 107 days. The date indicates that, unless Hamas taped the video in advance, the women were alive a week ago. Sadly, in contrast to some American reports this week, Israeli officials have said that due to Hamas’ refusal to negotiate the terms of the hostages’ release, there has been no significant advance towards a deal.

Sirens sounded at least six times in communities in northern Israel Friday as Hizballah continues its illegal attacks on Israeli civilians. Attacks also continued today (Sunday), while yesterday the IDF downed an unmanned aircraft heading for Israel over Lebanon.

Please pray for accountability for UNRWA and for Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Please pray for the safe and immediate return of ALL the hostages. Lastly, please pray for a de-escalation between Israel and Hizballah.

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