Day 110 – 24 Fallen Soldiers in One Tragic Day

In a horrific event Monday, 21 reserve-duty soldiers were killed in combat in the Gaza Strip when a Hamas anti-tank missile hit two buildings in which the IDF were planting explosives. The missile caused the explosives to detonate and tragically, the buildings collapsed with the soldiers inside.

In a rare display of defiance towards Hamas, Gazan civilians were documented by the IDF calling for the release of the hostages. The protesters, most of whom were women and children, are protesting in the hope that the hostages’ release would lead the IDF to allow them to return home.

On the Red Sea front, 23 countries launched a joint attack on Houthi targets in Yemen this week, according to a British report, which spoke for the participating nations. An additional US report documents US forces’ destruction of Houthi missiles standing ready to be fired towards the Red Sea.

Reports on multiple international media outlets regarding an additional hostage deal in the makings has stirred considerable tension and controversy in Israel. Israeli sources have not confirmed the claims – if anything they have attempted to distance themselves from the reports, most of whose sources were from Hamas or Arab mediators.

The Red Cross this week had the audacity to compare Israel and Hamas, saying that neither one has allowed RC visits to civilian hostages (on Hamas’ side) or Palestinian prisoners – most of whom are convicted terrorists – in Israeli jails (on Israel’s side).

Additionally, Russia’s Foreign Minister said in an interview with CBS this week that Israel’s campaign in Gaza is “no less barbaric” than Hamas’ massacre on October 7th.

Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen. Please pray for growing internal unrest in Gaza. Lastly, please pray for continued international support of Israel.

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