Day 108 – Protests Intensify for Hostages’ Release

Following the weekly protest Saturday night in the “Hostages’ Square” in Tel Aviv, an additional demonstration took place last night outside the PM’s Jerusalem residence. Families of hostages set up tents on the sidewalks, calling for a deal to release the remaining hostages in Gaza. This morning, families of the hostages also broke into a committee meeting in the Knesset this morning accusing the Israeli government of indifference towards the hostages’ plight and calling for their release.

Sadly, the IDF notified the public this morning that a soldier who was kidnapped on October 7th was killed in combat before being kidnapped and his body is being held by Hamas. The soldier, who was 19 years old when he fell, was an avid volleyball player for the club team of Ilabon and served in the IDF’s armored division.

The Hague is expected in the coming days to release a temporary decision on a ceasefire in Gaza. Should they decide in favor of South Africa’s proposal (and call on Israel to end the fighting in Gaza) and Israel chooses to continue fighting anyway, Israel will likely face sanctions and waning support from allies. This is a critical issue for Israel on the international stage right now.

Please pray for the immediate release of ALL the hostages. Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen and the hostages. Lastly, please continue to pray for favor for Israel on the international stage and especially at the Hague.

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