Day 107 – Hamas Funds to be Frozen in Norway

Shockingly, until now, even during war, Palestinian tax returns have been transferred from Israel through the Palestinian Authority to Gaza. However, a new US-backed proposal will see the funds frozen in a Norwegian holding account with Israeli oversight and heavy consequences if the money is transferred to Gaza.  This will cut off a major income source for Hamas.

A delegation is set to arrive in Israel comprised of representatives from countries whose citizens were kidnapped or murdered by Hamas on October 7th. As part of their visit to Israel, the delegates will meet with hostage families and be exposed to Hamas’ atrocities.

This week, the IDF released multiple images showing the conditions in which at least 20 hostages were held underground for an extended period. The tunnel, which held caged cells, mattresses, canned food and a toilet, was booby-trapped by Hamas terrorists who anticipated the IDF’s entry.

A presumed Israeli airstrike in Damascus yesterday (Saturday) killed at least five individuals linked to Iran’s “Revolutionary Guards” which is itself a designated terror organization according to Israel, the US and other actors. Among those killed in the strike were a senior Iranian intelligence officer and his deputy.

Unfortunately, in addition to the numerous challenges Israel is facing locally and regionally, tensions are also growing between the US and Israel over the war’s continuation and specifically what will happen after the war’s end.

Please pray for a growing stranglehold on Hamas funding sources. Please pray for the immediate release of all the hostages. Lastly, please pray for continued US backing of Israel’s just war against Hamas.

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