Day 104 – Hostages Share At Davos

Following extensive effort by the United States and France to achieve a lasting diplomatic solution to the clashes on Israel’s northern border, Hizballah has rejected the US plans to cool tensions, under which Hizballah would be required to withdraw its fighters to a distance of 7km (around 4 miles) from the border with Israel.

Tragically, two soldiers have fallen in the last day, one in combat in Gaza and the second in a car accident while on operational duty.

An attempted terror attack occurred in the community of Adura, during which a reserve-duty soldier was moderately injured by terrorist gunfire; after being injured, the reservist alerted additional forces in the area, who eliminated the terrorist squad. Two other soldiers were also injured in separate incidents in Judea and Samaria in the last day.

Antonio Guterres met with released hostages and the daughter of a hostage who has yet to be released and said that Hamas’ sexual violence should be investigated. The meeting – three months after the hostages were kidnapped – could be seen as a gesture to stave off criticism of the UN for its handling of the hostage crisis. During the meeting, the released hostages shared details of their captivity.

Please pray for the de-escalation with Hizballah. Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen. Lastly, please pray for growing international action on the behalf of the hostages.

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