Day 103 – 2 Hostages Dead in Captivity

Two hostages, kidnapped alive from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7th, were tragically confirmed dead today. Hamas has claimed they were killed in an IDF airstrike, which Israel says is not true; sadly it is much more likely that the two men were murdered by Hamas.

Meanwhile, a plane from Qatar landed in northern Sinai this morning, bringing medicines to the hostages as well as to Gazan civilians. Hamas unfortunately set the conditions for the hostages to receive medical treatment, which include Israel being prevented from checking packages.

Additionally, a relatively heavy rocket barrage fell on southern Israel and the Gaza Envelope area Monday night and Tuesday. The rockets were fired from an area from which the IDF had just withdrawn.

Israeli forces eliminated two terror cells in Judea and Samaria overnight, both via airstrikes, including one prominent operative who reportedly was in the process of planning a major terror attack.

Additionally, Turkey terminated the contract of a second Israeli footballer, Eden Kartzev, days after Sagiv Yechezkel was arrested and deported for displaying solidarity with the hostages.

Please pray for comfort for the families of the two hostages who will no longer return home alive. Please pray that the hostages receive the medicine that they require. Lastly, please pray for growing deterrence against Iran and all its proxies throughout the Middle East, including in Judea and Samaria.

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