Day 101 – Terror Attack: 1 Dead, At Least 18 Injured

One woman was murdered this afternoon and at least 18 other people were injured in a serious ramming and stabbing terror attack which occurred this afternoon in the city of Ra’anana in central Israel. Three of the injured are in serious or life-threatening condition. Two residents of Hebron, relatives, were arrested.

Hamas released a video of three hostages still in Gaza and believed to be alive. It is unclear when the video, an example of Hamas’ psychological warfare, was taken. Additionally, around 40 hostages in the Gaza Strip are supposed to receive life-saving medications in the coming days via Qatar and Gaza’s Health Ministry, which, as a reminder, is run by Hamas, meaning that the terror organization still will decide whether or not the hostages receive the medicines.

Sagiv Yechezkel, an Israeli soccer (football) player who played for a Turkish club, was arrested last night for “incitement” when, after scoring his team a goal, he displayed to spectators a sign with the number “100” on it in recognition of the hostages’ 100 days of captivity. This morning the soccer player was released from custody after overnight diplomatic efforts on Israel’s part.

Additionally, in a mass pro-Palestinian rally yesterday in London, a speaker called to “normalize massacres,” while calling Zionism a “death cult.”

Please pray for healing for the injured in the terror attack today and for comfort for the family of the murdered woman. Please pray for protection over the hostages remaining in Gaza and for their release. Lastly, please pray for action against growing anti-Semitism throughout the world.

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