Daily News Update from Israel – Day 44

The IDF continues to expand and strengthen its hold in Gaza City. Forces in the area discovered rockets hidden in a child’s bed, one more example of Hamas’ use of human shields. Israel continues to work closely with the staff of Shifa Hospital where US and Israeli intelligence indicates that Hamas’ headquarters are located. The hospital’s staff requested Sunday the IDF’s assistance in evacuating civilians who would like to move to southern Gaza. 11 Israeli soldiers sadly fell in combat in northern Gaza over the weekend.

On Israel’s border with Lebanon, Hizballah terrorists in Lebanon have fired at least 35 barrages towards northern Israel since Friday. Air raid sirens sounded at least four times Sunday morning in northern communities as authorities warned about the possibility of an enemy aircraft infiltration.

Tragically, the remains of a 12-year-old girl from Kibbutz Be’eri were identified this morning, six and half weeks after her tragic murder at the hand of Hamas terrorists. Also regarding October 7th, evidence has come to light of Hamas’ widespread sexual violence against women, including underage girls and the elderly. Forensic and video evidence agree with the confessions of captured terrorists that terrorists received orders to use systematic sexual violence during their attack.

On the home front, milk is being rationed in Israeli grocery stores and eggs will be rationed also shortly.

Internationally, anti-Semitic events continue to multiply. In Wisconsin, masked neo-Nazis marched openly through the streets over the weekend with swastika flags, reportedly shouting “Heil Hitler!”

Please continue to pray for protection over and operational success for IDF soldiers operating on Israel’s different fronts. Please pray for comfort for those mourning loved ones and for healing for survivors of Hamas’ brutal attack. Lastly, please pray for continued action against international anti-Semitism.

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