Chinese-Owned Port Opens in Haifa

A Chinese-owned and operated port opened for business in Haifa this week. Israel has been looking to sell its public ports to private owners in order to increase Israel’s influence as a regional hub for sea trade. The 5.5 billion shekel ($1.7 billion) Bay Port at Haifa, which is operated by Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), will allow larger classes of cargo ships, carrying 18,000 containers or more, to dock in Israel. The recent warming of ties with Arab nations in the Gulf also made this move more crucial. Please pray that as Israel seeks to strengthen its influence on trade routes that it will also increase diplomatic ties with other countries. Please also pray that Israeli officials will use wisdom about which countries are given influence in Israeli diplomacy. Lastly, please pray that this will be a fruitful endeavor for Israel and provide much-needed jobs for Israelis.

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