Ceasefire Stalled

As international pressure mounts for a cease-fire agreement, neither side is rushing to sign one. Israel claims that Hamas still has over 12,000 missiles in its arsenal, and continues to strike specific Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The IDF reported that they have destroyed over 7.45 miles of terror tunnels as well. Hamas refuses to consider a cease-fire as long as the situation in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah continues. Hamas will likely reject any Israeli demands that would impact their ability to rebuild their military capability after the fighting ends. In the meantime, Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israeli towns and is now reportedly aiming at Israeli air bases. Please continue to pray for wisdom for Israel’s military and government leaders. Please also pray for all the innocent victims of this current conflict, both Jewish and Arab alike. Lastly, please pray that we will reach an agreement soon and that quiet will be restored to the region.

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