Israeli Medical Aid Blessing Uganda

Israel sends doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to operate clinics in Ugandan villages. Meet one special medical humanitarian organization, Brit Olam, that not only oversees these clinics, but also trains locals to sustain operations … Read More

Reality on the Border with Gaza

The story of how residents of a kibbutz (farming community) suffer in the recent terror from Gaza. You won’t see this on your local evening news!

Understanding the Conflict with Gaza

Here’s what’s REALLY happening on the border with Gaza! With so much conflicting information out there, we want to give you a different perspective.

70 Years and counting…

Israel has been blessed with independence as a nation now for fully 70 years! Learn about it in this special video!

Operation Good Neighbor

Did you know that Israel has provided medical and humanitarian aid to wounded Syrian civilians, despite the fact that Israel and Syria have zero diplomatic ties?

Israeli Water Innovations

Our 3rd video in this exciting series highlights the work of Israeli NGOs in Africa, which are bringing clean water to rural villages using solar power and innovative pumping techniques. Once again, Israel is blessing … Read More

Agricultural Innovations

Did you know? Israeli companies and NGOs are developing and sharing advanced agricultural techniques in order to end hunger in third world countries!

Did you know?

How about some GOOD NEWS about Israel?! Did you know Israel positively impacts lives EVERY DAY all around the world?