Do the Jewish people have an ancient connection to the modern State of Israel? The UN doesn’t think so! They’ve been working to disprove any Jewish connection to the land – particularly Jerusalem – turning … Read More

UN Hypocrisy

Does Israel deserve the highest rate of condemnation from the UNHRC for human rights violations?


Check out this moving clip highlighting this incredible Israeli organization that saves children’s lives all over the world! This is our latest video in our popular series, “Israel Beyond the Headlines”!

2018 Highlights

It’s been a great year for our “Israel Beyond the Headlines” project! To celebrate, we’ve compiled some highlights from this past year, and give you a glimpse of what’s coming in 2019. Thank you for … Read More

Heroes for Life

For many Israelis, the IDF is only the beginning of a lifetime of looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves. Although a bit abrasive at times, Israelis are often really compassionate people.

Israel, the Startup Nation

In Israel, innovation is a necessity. Every day, new ideas and new solutions to complex issues are put to the test and this constant flow of innovation is a blessing, not only to Israel, but … Read More

Israeli Medical Aid Blessing Uganda

Israel sends doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to operate clinics in Ugandan villages. Meet one special medical humanitarian organization, Brit Olam, that not only oversees these clinics, but also trains locals to sustain operations … Read More

Reality on the Border with Gaza

The story of how residents of a kibbutz (farming community) suffer in the recent terror from Gaza. You won’t see this on your local evening news!