Prayer Letter — September 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, As September approaches, the coming school year is on the minds of many families and students. Other positive items on the national agenda include the coming fall holidays: Rosh HaShana (The Feast … Read More

Prayer Letter — August 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, During August, many Israeli families and students will be abroad as they enjoy the last month of summer break, while also preparing themselves for the coming school year, due to begin in … Read More

Prayer Letter — July 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, July in Israel is the beginning of summer vacations for kindergarten through high school as well as university students. Many Israeli families and students are looking forward to this break from the … Read More

Prayer Letter — June 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, The month of June is here and summer is finally beginning for real here in Israel, after a rainy spring. Between May 10th and May 15th, Israel experienced its fiercest round of … Read More

Prayer Letter — May 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Over the last month, Israel has experienced a wide range of joy and sorrow, including the celebration of Passover and of its 75th birthday, as well as observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day … Read More

Prayer Letter — April 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, The issues Israel has faced since the beginning of the year have only intensified during the month of March. The nation continues to experience severe internal unrest as well serious threats from … Read More

Prayer Letter — March 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Many of the issues Israel has faced since the beginning of the year continue to excite concern. The nation experienced severe internal unrest over the last month and continues to face serious … Read More

Prayer Letter — February 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, The month of January was filled with continued political turmoil and controversy, as a new government took the helm. The issues at stake include judicial reform, immigration law, and the criminal records … Read More

Prayer Letter — January 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Israel is finally on the cusp of swearing in its new government. Most of December the country has been embroiled in intense political debate as incoming PM Benjamin Netanyahu presides over coalition … Read More

Prayer Letter — December 2022

This December brings a new government to Israel. It is hoped that this coalition will last four years and provide the country with the stability that it desperately needs to combat security risks and recover … Read More