Prayer Letter — March 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Many of the issues Israel has faced since the beginning of the year continue to excite concern. The nation experienced severe internal unrest over the last month and continues to face serious … Read More

Prayer Letter — February 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, The month of January was filled with continued political turmoil and controversy, as a new government took the helm. The issues at stake include judicial reform, immigration law, and the criminal records … Read More

Prayer Letter — January 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Israel is finally on the cusp of swearing in its new government. Most of December the country has been embroiled in intense political debate as incoming PM Benjamin Netanyahu presides over coalition … Read More

Prayer Letter — December 2022

This December brings a new government to Israel. It is hoped that this coalition will last four years and provide the country with the stability that it desperately needs to combat security risks and recover … Read More

Prayer Letter — November 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, November is a big month for the government of Israel. Israelis once again go to the polls to elect the party they want to form a coalition for the next Knesset (Israeli … Read More

Prayer Letter — October 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, This month we continue observing the fall feasts (Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah). Despite high tensions and rioting at the Temple Mount, Rosh Hashanah was overall peaceful and joyful. We also … Read More

Prayer Letter — September 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, We close out the summer and look ahead to September! Not only do we look forward to back-to-school, but also to the beginning of the High Holy Days (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, … Read More

Prayer Letter — August 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, The last month of summer vacation is upon us. Many Israelis are traveling, while others are vacationing at home with their families. Current tensions in the south along the Gaza Strip are … Read More

Prayer Letter — July 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Summer is in the air! Students of all ages began summer vacation at the end of June. Unfortunately, the end of year was slightly interrupted by a teachers’ union strike, but at … Read More

Prayer Letter — June 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Israel narrowly avoided another military conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip last month. The hotly contested Flag March on Jerusalem Day, plus the ultra-high tensions between Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Arabs … Read More