Pray with Us! – July 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, Summer 2024 is projected to be the hottest summer recorded in the last century, according to researchers. It’s undoubtedly hot here in Israel! With the heat of summer comes a two-month summer … Read More

Pray with Us! – June 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, Jerusalem Day is a national holiday celebrated in Israel to commemorate the reunification of the city of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty following the Six-Day War. This year, the Hebrew date that Jerusalem … Read More

Pray with Us! – May 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, May is a significant month for the State of Israel. On May 14th, Israel will celebrate its 76th year of existence. With the British Mandate’s end, David Ben-Gurion declared the State of … Read More

Pray with Us! – April 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, It has been half a year since Hamas initiated a brutal and deadly attack on Israel, and for half a year, 134 Israelis, including men, women, children, and infants, have been held … Read More

Pray with Us! – March 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, It has now been nearly five months since Hamas’ brutal surprise attack on Israel in which the lives of around 1,200 innocent people, most of them civilians, were tragically cut short in … Read More

Pray with Us! – February 2024

Dear Prayer Partners, A new month is about to begin. Although the reality of daily life in Israel has not changed dramatically in the last four weeks, challenges on the home front are only growing. … Read More

Pray with Us! – January 2024

Dear Prayer Partners, A new Gregorian year is beginning across the world and in Israel as well. Between the controversial judicial reform, increasing terrorism in Israel and increasing anti-Semitism throughout the world, the first half … Read More

Prayer Letter – December 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, At this time of year over two thousand years ago, Jewish forces in Israel fought for their independence and freedom of worship against overwhelming forces arrayed against them. By God’s provision, they … Read More

Prayer Letter — November 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, As November begins, Israel is one month into one of the most serious and existential wars it has ever fought and truly needs your prayers. Please read on to understand how you … Read More

Prayer Letter — October 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, It is almost October, and fall will be beginning in earnest soon in Israel. Here, people are in the midst of the holiday of Sukkot (The Feast of Booths), which begins September … Read More