Parashat Vayakhel

בס”ד Parashat Vayakhel In this week’s Torah portion special attention is given to the various vessels that were in the Tabernacle and later in the Temple. There is one which I would like to emphasize … Read More

Parashat Ki Tisa

בס”ד Parashat Ki Tisa The Bible teaches that G-d is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The fact that He does not change is an important truth. In this week’s Torah portion HaShem states the … Read More

Parashat Tetzaveh

בס”ד Parashat Tetzaveh This week’s Torah portion deals almost exclusively with the levitical priests and their vestments. In this brief study we will deal with only one of the vestments called the head-plate.  This head-plate … Read More

Parashat Terumah

בס”ד Parashat Terumah A famous rabbinical commentator from Italy was Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno. He lived from 1475-1550. He was well known for his interpretations of the Hebrew Bible. He had some interesting views concerning … Read More

Parashat Mishpatim

בס”ד Parashat Mishpatim In this week’s Torah portion, we learn about hearing from G-d in a personal manner. When one studies the Bible, there is what theologians call “general revelation” that is, instruction that G-d … Read More

Hear My Heart

Hear My Heart. In one of the most famous teachings of our Messiah, the “sermon on the mount”, He stops in the middle of charging His followers with the different instructions of life and changes … Read More

The Festival of Booths

One only needs to read Zechariah 14 to know that the feast of Tabernacles has a strong connection to the Kingdom of G-d. We are told that all the nations of the earth must come … Read More

Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement

The Hebrew word for atonement, “kippur”, means to cover, make atonement, and make reconciliation. What needed to be covered?  The hurt caused by the people of Israel’s sin.  Who needed to be reconciled?  The people … Read More

The Feast of Shavuot (Pentecoste)

It is truly a shame that so many followers of Messiah Yeshua do not acknowledge the Festivals of Israel.  These appointed times, says the Apostle Paul, teach us about the Kingdom of G-d. For Paul writes, … Read More