Summer 2018

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are perhaps the most heavily criticized and maligned armed forces in the world… and the most misunderstood. It is no secret that the media throughout the world jump at any … Read More

2017 Fall Newsletter

In this edition of our seasonal newsletter, we invite you to get to know Jerusalem through the eyes of those living here now fully 50 years since the city’s liberation from the Jordanian occupation. [Click … Read More

2017 Summer Newsletter

In this edition of our seasonal newsletter, we take a look at the liberation of Jerusalem as we celebrate 50 years since its reunification in 1967. We also take a look at our hope in … Read More

2017 Spring Newsletter

In this edition of our seasonal newsletter, we take a look at some of the legal factors governing the settlement of Jews in Judea and Samaria today alongside less welcoming neighbors than in times past. There … Read More

2016 Fall Newsletter

A little history in light of Scripture can go a long way in settling disagreements. The Jewish presence in the Middle East hasn’t always been as unwelcome as it seems today with all of the anti-Israel resolutions at … Read More

2016 Summer Newsletter

In this most encouraging newsletter, we bring to you some great examples of how Israel is being a blessing in the midst of the nations today! From technological advancements in the medical field to humanitarian … Read More

2016 Spring Newsletter: Exposing the Truth

Our Spring 2016 Newsletter is here! We continue with the issue of the international boycott against Israel, exposing the truth behind the lies that have been spread about the State of Israel. Read also a … Read More

2015 Fall Newsletter: Special Edition

It is important that we have a rightful understanding of Israel through a sound biblical view of God’s Word. We believe it is a critical time to begin to speak about the boycott movement that is … Read More