Parashat Nitzavim (Standing)

I would really encourage you to first read this week’s Scripture portion from Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20. Once again, I marvel at the depth and richness of this portion, and believe that you will greatly benefit from … Read More

Parashat Ki Tavo (When You Come)

I closed my last blog entry, Parashat Ki Teitzei (When You Go Out), with two verses from Galatians 3:13–14: Messiah redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us — … Read More

Parashat Ki Tetzei (When You Go Out)

As I was reading our portion this week from Deuteronomy 21:10–25:19, two verses “jumped out”, causing me to pause and reflect upon them a little longer. These verses can really shed more light on the … Read More

Parashat Shoftim (Judges)

This week’s Scripture reading is called “Judges” because it opens with the requirements that God made for Israel to appoint Judges over them: You shall appoint for yourself judges and officers in all your towns … Read More

Parashat Re’eh (See or Look)

Every time I read this week’s Scripture portion, I’m always faced with examining my life, and more specifically the choices that I have made. From the time of creation, we were created with the ability … Read More

Parashat Ekev (Because of)

As I mentioned, I love the consistency of God’s Word, and I would like to highlight a few key points from the verses above: That word “if” is such an important word that we find … Read More

Parashat Devarim (Words)

As I was reading this week’s portion, one account caught my attention: This record reminds us of the events that took place in Numbers 13 and 14, where God instructed Moses to send 12 men … Read More

Parashat Pinchas

In order for us to fully understand the story here, we need to revisit the end of our reading from last week: As we can see from the verses above Pinchas was zealous for the … Read More