If… Then…

I’ve written previously on this specific parasha that “Freedom in Yeshua is not lawlessness! If we love Him, then we will obey Him and His statutes. And only then will we know true freedom.” I … Read More

You are God’s Jewel!

In our Scripture portion this week, we read: There are some key points in these verses that I want to focus on. The first point is that, as we have learned in previous studies from … Read More

Temporary Troubles

Do you know your time on earth is temporary? We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our troubles and tribulations in this life will one day come to an end. This week’s parasha offers … Read More

A Hardened Heart for God’s Glory

Our weekly portion opens with a very interesting call that God had for Moses: This portion speaks of two of God’s signs or wonders that He would perform in Egypt, but in reality, there were … Read More

Expensive Redemption

This week, we begin to read about the ten wonders that God demonstrated in Egypt. As I was reading the parasha, I noticed one very important word in Hebrew that is often mistranslated, which appears … Read More

God’s Power Alone

As we read God’s Word, we can find certain verses that shed light on other parts of the Scripture, helping us to understand the entire story. In our weekly portion from the Book of Shemot … Read More

Canceling the Scriptures

I love the richness of God’s Word and the way the Holy Spirit gives new insight every time we read it. I also love reading through the Scriptures every year; one can read the same … Read More

The Blindness of My People

When will the Jewish people recognize their Messiah? I closed my last blog, To God Be the Glory, with this thought: “In Genesis 43:3, we find this incredible statement: Judah spoke to him, however, saying, … Read More

To God Be the Glory

In my most recent blog entry, A Matter of the Heart, I wrote about how Joseph’s actions revealed a humble heart towards God, despite the terrible injustices he suffered. I also wrote that from a … Read More

A Matter of the Heart

In our weekly Scripture reading, we find the famous story of Joseph. As we have studied before, one of the names of the Messiah is “Messiah, Son of Joseph”, and there is no doubt that … Read More