בס”ד Chanukah Chanukah is called the festival of lights, but sometimes light in Judaism is not only speaking about literal light but also understanding. HaShem did the miracle that He did in the Temple with … Read More

Shabbat HaChodesh

בס”ד Shabbat HaChodesh This Shabbat is another special Shabbat which reminds the people of G-d that the month of Nisan is just around the corner. On the Shabbat closest to the new month, there is … Read More

Holiday Season

At this holiday season (Chanukah and Christmas), we get a special glimpse of the marvelous way God chooses to reveal Himself through His word and through history. Prior to the twelfth century, Judaism believed in … Read More

Fruit for thoughts

Each year that I read through the Bible, I continually find new nuggets of truth that enrich my life. And this year, I’m picking up more nuggets concerning the Jewish roots of our faith. The … Read More