Israel On My Mind

By Stuart Rothberg*, Guest Author Israel is on my mind, but not merely because I’m Jewish. I’ve always been Jewish, but I have not always been mindful of tiny, little Israel. That all changed when … Read More

United Methodist Divestment Update

By Sharona On Tuesday May 2nd and Wednesday May 3rd, the United Methodist Church voted against divesting from three companies operating in Israel: Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions. Two-thirds of the delegates voted against the … Read More

United Methodist Church May Divest From Israel

By Sharona The United Methodist Church in the United States will be deciding on a crucial proposal at their upcoming 2012 General Conference. This proposal “calls on the United Methodist Church to end its financial … Read More

US Presbyterians Vote Against Divestment

By: Sharona Last week, the Presbyterian Church in the US came very close to voting for a measure that would have had serious spiritual ramifications and would have demonstrated how far from Biblical truth the … Read More