The Dangers of Political Hyperbole

Israel has always been a magnet for hyperbolic accusations of Apartheid, fascism and dictatorship (among others). Recently, these themes have become a part of daily discourse in Israel, polarizing society and distorting truth. This article … Read More

Israel’s Democratic Troubles Part 3

by Hope for Israel Staff Writer I begin this third installment in the series “Israel’s Democratic Troubles” with a personal comment. I had planned to write an analysis of the power imbalances I see in … Read More

Israel’s Democratic Troubles Part 2

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Israel’s Democratic Troubles Pt. 1

by Hope for Israel Staff Writer In June of 2021, Naftali Bennet became prime minister in a move that many saw as a desperate attempt to hold onto power. His center-left coalition constituted, in the … Read More

Terror in Jerusalem

By Mali Rozen November 2022 This past week, terror struck Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not immune to random terror attacks; for years, since the intifadas (Palestinian uprisings) of the 90’s and early 2000’s, there have been … Read More

Israel’s Right-Wing Wins Big

By Mali Rozen November 2022 Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu made a big comeback in Israel’s fifth elections in less than four years. As the head of the right-wing party “Likud”, Netanyahu garnered over 1 million votes … Read More

Jerusalem, A Cup of Reeling

By Mali Rozen It’s been said that Jerusalem is the epicenter of the world. Scripture foretells of a time when all nations will gather against Jerusalem to engage her in battle (Zechariah 14:2). Although we … Read More

Simchat Torah: Celebrating God’s Word

October 2022 (תשפ״ג) By Moran Rosenblit This coming week, the Jewish people around the world will celebrate Simchat Torah, which literally means “Rejoicing of the Torah”. It is a celebration marking the conclusion of the … Read More

Israel Confronts Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – “Operation Breaking Dawn”

By Mali Rozen August 2022 “Operation Breaking Dawn”, Israel’s latest military operation against Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip, lasted a mere 55 hours, but it was significant in that it slightly shifted the … Read More

Opinion: What’s New in Israel’s Political Circus?

By Mali Rozen June 2022 Israel is home to a rather unstable system of government. To say that the last few years of Israeli politics have been rocky is an understatement. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett … Read More