Operation Swords of Iron – Week 19

By HFI Staff Writers This week was one of the most dramatic – for good and for bad – since the beginning of the war. Amazingly, the IDF rescued two men, Argentinian-Israeli dual citizens, who … Read More

Hamas: An Organization in Its Own Words

By Sarah L, Staff Writer Hamas, the organization which controls the Gaza Strip and which is responsible for the brutal mass murder of over 1,300 innocent Israelis on October 7th, is, despite being labeled a … Read More

The Israeli Disengagement from Gaza

By: Sarah L, Staff Writer In 2005, towards the end of the Second Intifada, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to take a bold step in the hope that it would finally bring peace and allow … Read More

Accusations Against Israel – Myth or Fact?

By: Sarah L, Staff Writer Hamas’ vicious surprise attack against Israeli civilians on Saturday, October 7th was the biggest and most evil attack Israel has ever experienced. Hamas’ massacre and tactics were unprecedented in scope … Read More

What Connects Shemini Atzeret to Our Messiah?

By Moran Rosenblit One of the most interesting things about Sukkot is that on the seventh day, the Jewish people celebrate “Hoshana Rabbah”, which is followed by “Shemini Atzeret” (also commonly referred to as Simchat … Read More

Sukkot – A Time to Overlook Differences

By Sarah L, Staff Writer “On the first day you are to take branches from luxuriant trees—from palms, willows and other leafy trees—and rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days.” Leviticus 23:40 One … Read More

The Importance of the Shofar

By Sarah L, Staff Writer The sounding of the shofar, in Hebrew, “Teruat shofar,” is the only unique Biblical commandment for the observance of Rosh ha-Shana. Numbers 29:1 says, “On the first day of the … Read More

The Story of Israel’s Economic Success

By Sarah L, Staff Writer Although Israel is commonly called the “Start-up Nation,” it is only over the last 40 years that Israel has transitioned to the free-market economy responsible for this claim to fame.  … Read More

The Unreasonable Battle Over “Reasonableness”

By Sarah L, Staff Writer Since January, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have turned out every week to protest the passing of controversial legislation which is intended to rein in a Supreme Court seen by … Read More

Did Israel Steal Palestinian Land? – Part 3

By Sarah L, Hope for Israel Staff Writer Many have asked, “Is peace possible between Israelis and Palestinians?” After 75 years of conflict, a better question might be, “Do Palestinians want peace with Israel?” In … Read More