Blinken to Visit Jerusalem

Recent tension between the US and Netanyahu’s new government have led to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announcing a visit to Jerusalem to speak personally with the prime minister. Since Netanyahu’s latest political victory in November, the White House has expressed concern over several controversial moves by members of the new government, including a visit to the Temple Mount and proposed judicial reforms.

The United States has always been Israel’s closest and most important strategic partner, both diplomatically and militarily. Criticism received from the US is more concerning and carries more weight in determining Israeli policy than criticism from other sources. However, it is also important for Israel to maintain its sovereignty in the face of condemnation. This conflict of interests remains one of the key challenges facing Israel’s foreign policy.

Please pray for common understanding and renewed mutual support to emerge from the coming meeting.  Please pray for proactive US support of Israeli sovereignty. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders to handle the situation diplomatically and in a way that benefits Israel’s long-term national interests.

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